Jesus Record TV

  • ClientRecord TV

  • Date2018-2019

  • CategorySeries

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Jesus Record TV

Record TV

Jesus is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Record TV since July 24, 2018. It is based on the life of Jesus of Nazareth, the main figure of Christianity.

It stars Dudu Azevedo as Jesús de Nazaret, Day Mesquita as María Magdalena, Cláudia Mauro as María de Nazaret, and with the antagonistic participation of Mayana Moura as Satan.

It is a super production of enormous technical invoice. Filmed between Morocco and Brazil, the soap opera features great landscapes and beautiful photography, plus impeccable period costumes.

The plot freely recreates the story of Jesus, from the announcement of the arrival of the son of God to the subsequent arrest and sentence to death by King Herod.

It is the most important biblical-themed novel to date.


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