María Magdalena

  • ClientTeleset

  • Date2018-2019

  • CategorySeries

María Magdalena


Who: Teleset with the collaboration of Sony Pictures Television Latin America and Dopamine

What: 60-episode bioserie about the iconic and mysterious biblical figure of María Magdalena, the first of its kind in Spanish.

When and where: It was filmed in Colombian cities such as La Guajira, Tatacoa Desert, Villa de Leyva, Mosquera, Chia, Guatavita, Subacoche and Bogotá. As well as in the cities of Ouarzazate and Merzouga in Morocco.

How: María Magdalena recreates the life of a passionate and independent woman, very different from the rest of the women of her time, who grew up in a complex context, being a woman in a society dominated by men and being a Jew in a land dominated by the Romans. After a stumbling path, Mary meets Jesus, who restores her faith in God and thus she becomes one of his most important disciples.


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