POSTEN “Virgin Birth”

  • ClientPOSTEN

  • DateNov 2019

  • CategoryAdvertising

POSTEN “Virgin Birth”

Nov 2019

Who: Posten’s Christmas campaign with the slogan “Virgin Birth”.

What: An ad for the Norwegian postal service that puts a new twist on the “Immaculate” conception of the Virgin Mary by revealing the role that the postal service could have played in the Christmas story.

When and where: It was created by the POL agency for the 2019 Christmas campaign. All locations are in Morocco.

How: The Posten commercial features a white postman riding a donkey through Israel, tossing scrolls to the townspeople as newspapers, before arriving at the home of Joseph and Mary in Nazareth. Maria greets him, implicitly sleeps with him, and is later shown holding a baby, suggesting that the postman is the true father of Christ.


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